Cessation of Trading

As of midnight on the 31/05/2020 Driving School Office will terminate access to provided services.

If you have been affected by this news, please contact our Customer Support Team to inform us of any concerns you may have. We will be issuing further guidance to all customers regarding the cessation of services and how we aim to support you during this difficult time.

Please read our open letter to the community for information about our business closure and how this might affect you.

Open Letter

Dear Customers, Team Members & The Wider Driver Training Community,

We would like to start by extending our thoughts to everyone who has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Especially to those of us who have lost friends, family members, loved ones and colleagues to this terrible illness.

The wider business community is now starting to feel the economic pain, at this unprecedented time of economic and social uncertainty. Our cash flows have all but dried up and many of us face major decisions in the days and months ahead of whether or not to continue our trades.

The virus has created larger challenges than any of us could have first imagined. We know the current restrictions on our way of life have meant that we must all make sacrifices in order to overcome the major global challenge that is now upon us. We are all hurting, whether that’s financially or emotionally, as business owners, we have been forced to stop work, as citizens we have been ordered to keep apart. Unfortunately, until these social/economic restrictions have been lifted, it is unlikely that our industry will get back to full scale operations any time soon.

We have conceded, as many other businesses with high overheads have, that continuing business operations as usual during this time of uncertainty is both unproductive and financially irresponsible. As a result, we have decided to issue cease trading notifications to all our customers and suppliers and cease operations effective immediately. It was not an easy decision for us to make, we tried to apply for Government business support but were rejected due to our business status and current circumstances.

We hope that many of you will return to work as soon as possible and continue to make a difference to the driver and rider training community. We are deeply saddened that we will not be there to support you through this difficult time. We would like to wish everyone in the community the best of luck for the future.

Kind regards,

The Driving School Office Management Team